Dog Diets – Choosing A Healthy Menu For Your Dog


Someone who owns family pets can give their dogs a healthy lifestyle if the pets are put on a wholesome nutritious diet. Wholesome and nutritious food is behind perfect health and a dog who is given healthy food would invariably keep good health.

Healthy dog food is no different from what nutrition experts tell us to eat, a variety of fresh foods that are filled with all the essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. This is thought to be the best type of diet that your pet dog can have which can add years to their lives.


In case you too are looking to give your dog the correct kind of food, start with fresh and natural foods. The conception of fresh foods is when the foods go through a minimal amount of processing, which usually depletes essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These diets could also include some dog foods produced in your kitchen, some raw foods, or even dehydrated foods.

Dr. Richard Pitcairn, a veterinarian who has done extensive research in natural pet dog care, advocates feeding pets a healthy diet of homemade foods created to the particular needs of the animals.

Uncooked foods have taken the fancy of many pet owners though the topic has evoked a lot of debate, these dog owners are happy with the healthy value of raw foods. It is helping to clear many conditions such as chronic allergic reactions and other degenerative diseases.

The redeeming feature is that owners need not only rely on Fido the raw cut from the butchers but can buy several frozen natural foods from specialty stores that are both healthy and safe. Raw foods are also available in a freeze-dried form where the dog food is freeze-dried or “cold-processed”, an action whereby enzymes, amino acids, and antibiotics stay intact.

Another origin of natural dog food is the dried diet and this type of food is preserved by the action of low-temperature drying, just like those healthy soup mixes we buy at the health food store. Because the procedure is carried out at very low temperatures, the built-in enzymatic action is temporarily kept on hold till the food is hydrated again.

The dehydration action only loses about 3% to 5% of the nutrients as opposed to other processes such as canning and the making of kibble which may cause the food to lose up to sixty percent of its nutritional value.

Homemade meals are another alternative to a healthy diet but this isn’t always easy since pet dogs need a special balance and proportion of meat versus vegetable products.

Be glad to know that there are pre-mixes that take the guesswork out of making homemade dog food and all a pet dog owner needs to do is add some H2O and fresh meat to make a tasty treat for their four-legged friend. Just like a wonderful meal is a happy experience for us, it should not be any different for our four-legged friends.

When we pay due attention to the freshness of the ingredients, the variety in what is served, and the quality of food that we offer our pets, they would not only enjoy their eating experience but would stay happy and healthy too.