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We share special topics about pets in order to maintain a decent life for them, we share with you tips and life experiences with animals that can be raised at home and how to make the animal happy with you and adapted to you in all circumstances.
We want to offer internationally oriented, universal, objective, enjoyable, and inspiring content.
We do not throw trap headlines, publish confidential advertising news, and embrace universal ethical values.
We publish unconditionally all reader comments that do not contain swearing and advertisements on the site and on our social media pages.
We do not use hidden traffic boosting methods such as page refresh, infinite page counting.
We definitely show the resources we use with links in the article.
We do not publish any articles, photographs, or researches without permission or copyright infringement.
If you want to be a part of the initiative as both content producer and supporter. It should be noted that our valuable friends Merve Turan and Yiğit Kenan Pak also contributed to the preparation of the site apart from Ayan.
As we said above, we do not use any content without permission or copyright infringement, so we would like to specifically point out that you can use our articles in ItsGifs.com . as ‘partial’ by showing a link to the link. Please be so respectful and fair that we cannot copy-paste all the articles.
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