The Airedale Terrier A Unique Dog Breed


It’s a very bulky dog that has a square stance. Its muzzle is not long and generally is about the same size as its head. The head of an Airedale Terrier is longer than most terriers and is considered to be long and flat.

Their nose is typically black, although on rare occasions Airedale Terriers may have a spotted nose. The ears of an Airedale Terrier typically make a “v” shape and fold to the side of their head, and in some cases, slightly forward. The front legs of them are straight, and the tail is set high on the back.

The coat of an Airedale Terrier is typically, but they do have a soft undercoat that makes them soft to the touch. Normally, an Airedale Terrier coat will be tan and black, with tan ears and a tan head. Their head and ears might vary slightly in their shades. Usually, the under part of their body is also tan, with the top part of their back possessing most of the black in their coat. Sometimes, the tan will run high, across the shoulder. Some Airedale Terriers also have a white patch on their chest.

Airedale Terriers, while not considered to be typical family dogs, do usually do alright with children. It is important that they are exposed to socialization with children at an early age to ensure that they are used to this type of interaction. Airedale Terriers are usually fine with strangers and stranger’s dogs.

They are considered to be very intelligent and have a knack for learning even the most complicated of a puppy, you can expect your Airedale Terrier to be fun-loving and playful. Throughout most of their history, they were used as hunting dogs, so it might be a little bit hard to train the dog not to chase after small critters in your back yard. They are known for getting a bit of a case of cabin fever if you do not take them out of the house and get them regular exercise.

Airedale Terriers might also require obedience training if they perceive someone in the household to be submissive. Although they are not difficult to train when compared to other dogs, it is important that you recognize when training is necessary as soon as possible, because they can be stubborn and become easily stuck in their ways.

The typical weight of the dog will be anywhere between 50 and 60 pounds for males, and 40 to 50 for females. They do suffer some eye problems and skin infections, but for the most part, they are healthy, hardy dogs that rarely require the medical attention that you have come to expect from similar breeds.

Airedale Terriers are best suited for a calm but strict set of rules to live by. If you teach them right from the beginning, they will remain obedient for the rest of their lives