What Do I Do About Training My Dog?

source: pixabay.com

Many of us do not appreciate the fact that when we get a dog that he or she is going to need some form of training. Now depending on how you go about adopting your dog will determine a lot about how you go about training him. You see in reality it is much easier to train a puppy than to retrain an older dog, however, you will often find that most people will end up having to train their grown-up dog because they did not teach him obedience when he was a puppy.

Let us have a look at a common scenario.
What do you do when you have an older dog? It really doesn’t matter if you adopted him at his age or whether he has grown up with you. He will have learned behaviors that are now part of his mindset.

In order to train him, it is advisable to get control of those behaviors first and then to introduce obedience training as a reinforcement. Due to the nature of the situation, you will need everybody’s support in your household because in all likelihood you are going to have to reestablish the pack order.

In other words, you have to make your dog understand that you are in charge! He is carrying out this behavior simply because he no longer respects your authority. Therefore the first step towards changing his behavior is to give him a pack leader he will respect.

You cannot expect your dog to listen and obey someone he doesn’t trust nor respect. So make sure you get yourself some dog training books to learn more about dog behavior and to join a local school. You will find with the extra knowledge and help you can change your dog much more quickly.
There are a lot of ways to train your dog effectively.

You will achieve the same result if you truly stick it out. The only considerations you need to appreciate is that training does take time, it may cost money and it is a serious commitment. In terms of time, it is much better to spend ten minutes every day interacting and training your dog than only training him on a Saturday in class.

In terms of money, to grab a set of dog training books is ridiculously cheaper than joining a school. This money-saving is made even more substantial if you own multiple dogs. When you look at commitment, well this is where the rubber meets the road. Your dog will bring you a lifetime of joy when he is well trained you actually return the favor to him.