Bringing A Pet Dog or Puppy Home


Adding a new member to a family in the form of a pet always brings us joy and happiness. Once you have decided to become a dog owner, the major hurdle for you will be selecting the right breed of dog from the various choices available.

Once you have decided on the breed, you can search for various sites for dog breeders and dogs for sale. If you are not able to find the puppies you want for sale, the next step is to advertise about your choice both locally and on the internet. It is an exciting prospect to bring home a dog or a puppy. Make the best selection and be filled with happiness!


The breed is a very important piece to research because it is important to know what kind of dog you are planning to purchase or adopt. First, you should ask yourself, do you want a big or small dog? How much space do you have? Do you have the time to walk, feed, and play with the dog? After you have an idea of the kind of dog you would like you should now be ready to start searching or at the least, be able to search for dog breeds that suit your lifestyle.

I personally favor the small breeds that don’t shed fur. Do a lot of research on the dog you choose as they require a lot of attention.

Even after asking others for their opinions I would do a little more research on them. For instance, how long have they been breeding? I also suggest you make an onsite visit to the kennel to see how the dogs and puppies live. You will recognize a good breeder when he or she ask you questions about your lifestyle and desire to own a dog.

Now that you have found your dog breed and dog breeder now its time to prepare your home for the arrival of your new family member. You should have vitamins, flee medication, a bed, food, water bowls (preferably metal), and any items the breeder specified you should have. Something else pet owners get is pet insurance.

Just as you would get insurance for your children you should consider getting insurance for your pet. Visits to the veterinarian can be costly and pet insurance can offset some of those costs.

Your dog is home now and all he or she needs is a lot of love and attention. Your home is a new experience for your dog so they may be shy or even scared at first. The best thing to do is to be patient and your pet will soon become secure and comfortable in its new home. If you would like to talk with other dog owners like yourself, dog culture is the place for you.