How to Know If Your Dogs Are Ready For Breeding


Breeding dogs should never be taken lightly by any pet owner. This is because you are practically responsible for the health of your pets and the offspring that they produce after mating. Hence, if you are planning to start breeding your own dogs, then here are some very important issues that you need to learn first.

When it comes to breeding, the very first thing that you should be concerned about is to look for the right parents. Normally, for professional breeders, they follow a certain standard of physical fitness for both mother and father. Every physical trait is considered – from the teeth, the body structure, the fur and everything else. And if a dog does not meet the said standards, then they are not considered fit for breeding.


So how is the evaluation done? This process is done by several dog shows and under the watchful eyes of expert breeders. Most of these shows even require the dogs to undergo obstacle courses to determine their fitness. Some breeders may even expose their dogs to not one but several shows just to make user that they are the right ones for breeding.

But aside from the physical qualities, the temperament of the dog is considered as well. If the dog is too shy or aggressive, then they may not be considered suitable for breeding. The mental fitness of the dogs is also considered through several field trials and courses. All of these tests are done to make sure that your dog is not only of best quality physically but functionally as well.

But here is the catch; the difficult part when it comes to breeding is that not all good pedigrees will give you one hundred percent superior offspring all the time. Nature will always have the last say and sometimes, less excellent breeds will always come out. But thoroughly selecting the breeds of the parents can increase the chances of getting good breeds for their offspring.

So if you plan to get into breeding, know that the process requires much more effort and responsibility than just mating make and female and producing offspring. Hence, you can take in more care and caution when it comes to pet breeding.