Give Your Puppy a Doggy Chew Toy And Save Your Precious Belongings


I lost a favorite book of mine once, to a bored puppy. Not only was it a book that had been given to me by my grandmother and a cherished memory, but it made for an excellent chew toy I suppose. Maybe my puppy was getting even with me for leaving her alone while I decided to do some grocery shopping.

I’d thought that she was securely confined to the kitchen but somehow she made her great escape. We lost many items that day because we didn’t have a chew toy available to her at the time. After I was done with my temper tantrums, I went to the pet store in search of some new toys for her.


I took her along with me so that she could pick out her own chew toy. Or several chew toys. I was absolutely amazed at how many bones and toys are available for purchase. Each one of them has a different purpose.

I tried to pick out a chew toy that made noise so that it would be entertaining. I picked out several bones that claimed they would clean her teeth and help her if she was teething. I found this chew toy called the PuppyFish, which was specifically for teething puppies. The description sounded like it was suitable for my puppy and I didn’t hesitate to add it to my cart.

I also found a few more items that would hopefully deter her from searching for anything else in our home to destroy. I’d had a few toys for her prior to this disaster, but nothing that was specifically meant to be a chew toy. I had not a clue how important they were.

I hurried her home and was anxious to get her interested in her new toys. I gave her the PuppyFish first primarily because I was curious as to what exactly she would think of it. After handing it to her and watching her stare at in amusement for a few moments, she attacked it.

I encouraged her to do this hoping that she would know it was okay to use this as a chew toy and praying she’d leave household items alone. She was in love with it. While she was busy with her new chew toy, I walked around the house and placed a toy in each room that she spent time in. I was determined to win this battle.

She was determined to simply be a puppy. By the end of the day, she had checked out every single chew toy she now had. Her favorite was the PuppyFish but had given them all some loving drool to welcome them to the family. Maybe now my books would be safe.