Dog’s Aggression Put to Good Use


It is not only humans who are known to have aggressive tendencies especially at times when they feel agitated either by a situation or by a person. Dogs also show their feelings by being aggressive either in a negative way or in a positive one.

Dog aggression is often shown by physical changes in the dog-like baring their teeth or growling. They can be aggressive on either people or dogs, depending on who they think will harm them.

Dogs are double-natured in such a way that they can be both loving and fierce, depending on what is shown to them. They can show love to their owners when they are given sufficient food or drink, not to mention affection.

On the contrary, they can show signs of hate to those who are not good to them. Bad habits include putting them in a dangerous situation, harming them, starving them, and so on. Dogs can learn how to be aggressive at an early age especially when they are forced to coexist in a chaotic situation.

Although dog aggression is generally perceived as negative, it can also be seen in a positive light. Dog aggression training is given to kinds of dogs who are always present in a harmful situation, where they are expected to protect their master and their self. Military and army dogs are trained to be aggressive when needed so that they will be able to defend from individuals who pose as threats.

Dog aggression training includes basics on how to teach the dog how to attack and defend when signs of harm are shown by strangers. They are taught by using their master as an instrument.

Some training shows them how a situation with their masters being harmed should be handled, orchestrated in such a way that they will learn how to attack and close in on any possible assault.

An aggressive dog will be a good defense for police and soldiers especially during operations. Meek dogs are definitely not expected in the job, for they will not be able to defend. K-9 dogs are often characterized by their capacity to aid the police in their operations using their sharp sense of smell and fast response.

Dogs are loyal in an unmatched manner to people who are good to them, and in police operations this will come in handy for the survival of the police. Once the dogs see danger, they will immediately act out on it.

They can attack using their sharp teeth, which can cause injuries that will stop the attacker. Even when a dog is hurt, it will continue to defend. Plus, rabies that a dog contains when uncontrolled can cause death to those it bites.

Adversaries will think twice before addressing an aggressive dog because they know that these dogs will not stop attacking until they back down and leave. Dogs are also good at fighting, with their fast reflexes and sharp moves. Any human can compete with them, but there is a higher possibility of them being lost.